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All the Presidents [continued]

During the trip, Mion and friends laid plans for a group called “Sunday Painters.” Each artist was to create a new work of art every Sunday for one year, and at the end of the year they would choose their best paintings for a group exhibition. Being from Washington, D.C., Mion grew up going to the National Portrait Gallery and learned early that most of the museum’s official portraits were not only of men but painted by men as well. Mion knew all too well that women artists have historically been considered amateurs, “Sunday painters.” Tina’s mother was a Sunday painter.

Mion decided to reinterpret every painting from the Smithsonian’s deck of cards and, in so doing, wound up with her own version of the National Portrait Gallery. There are 52 Sundays in a year and 52 cards in a deck, so she had her subject matter. Each Sunday Mion held a ceremony. The Smithsonian cards were laid out before her. Blindfolded, she would choose a card at random. This card became the next in line to be interpreted. Mion incorporated the Smithsonian card’s face value and suit for her own portraits. Read more...