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Theodore Roosevelt art Tina Mion painting

Theodore Roosevelt, The Eight of Spades
26th President of the United States, 1901—1909

At 42, Teddy Roosevelt was became the youngest President of the United States. A flamboyant adventurer, he loved to draw cartons, do jujitsu, ride horses, wrestle, box, play tennis, hike, hunt, swim, and row. He was the first American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and the first President to ride in an automobile, fly in an airplane, be submerged in a submarine, and to visit a foreign country while in office. Thousands of toy bears are named after him. He fought for conservation of natural resources, and finished the Panama Canal when the French effort went bankrupt. On Teddy’s way to a campaign speech a would—be assassin shot Teddy in the chest. Teddy made the speech, but noted that he would be brief as there was a bullet in his body.

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