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Harry S. Truman Tina Mion art

Harry S. Truman, the King of Clubs
33rd President of the United States, 1945—1953

Former haberdasher Harry s. Truman dressed fashionable and wore spiffy yellow specs. He was a talented pianist and loved Mozart, Bach, and Chopin. Truman was a judge, Senator, and Vice President, and Became president suddenly upon Roosevelt death. During the first three months in office the war in Europe was ended, the Atomic age was begun, Japan was defeated and the United Nations Charter was drafted. The “Truman Doctrine”, established containment of communist nations as US policy. Despite the best efforts of the media and pollsters Truman’s energetic “whistle stop campaign” and plain honest style spoke directly to the American people, who defined all predictions to elect the much loved Harry Truman to a second term. He appreciated fine arts, walked two miles every morning, and established the “fair Deal” which increased the minimum wage, extended social security, funded urban renewal, and expanded the armed forces.

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