Abigail Adams, Seven of Spades

Oil and acrylic on canvas 70 x 64"
Tina Mion ©1997
From the collection of Ava Swartz and Steven Isaacs

Abigail Adams was often left by her husband John to take care of the farm during his frequent absences — once as America’s representative in France, he was away for 4 years! They exchanged more letters than any other first couple. In this painting, it is 5 A.M. John is preparing to leave once again. Abigail is too distraught to eat, but John is having sausages and plums. The hummingbird, attracted by the flowers in Abigail’s hair, has become trapped — a metaphor for Abigail’s responsibilities on the farm as John pursued his career. The red bow around Abigail’s neck reinforces the connection between the bird and Abigail. Read more...

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