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Tina Mion: The Inside Scoop [continued]

Fortunately, that failed, so she moved to Washington, D.C., where it was warmer (most of the time) and she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. She was painting, of course, the whole time.

During a holiday to Los Angeles, she visited the studios of Ed Ruscha, Sam Francis, and Joe Goode. She decided California must be a good place for artists, so she packed up her paints and bought a one-way ticket, assuming all along that she would probably end up in Africa, as she has a thing for elephants. Once in California, she married Allan Affeldt — a fine American fellow she had met in the Ukraine (it’s a long story) — and completed All The Presidents, and the first Object drawings. All The Presidents opened in LA in 1996 and traveled for years to various Presidential libraries and other museums.

To celebrate finishing that series, she headed to Africa, returning home with elephant stories. Allan met her at the airport with a story of his own. Read more...