Richard Milhous Nixon
Ace of Spades
37th President of the United States: 1969–1974

Acrylic on canvas
©1996 Tina Mion
From the collection of Gerald L. Talansky, Atlanta, GA

In the early seventies, a phenomenon known as “Nixteria” swept the United States. Seemingly average Americans began seeing Richard Milhous Nixon’s image in everyday objects such as rocks, cloud formations, bathtub soapsuds, coffee grounds, spaghetti, and — in this case — an ink blot. No one knows the reason for this phenomenon but there are many theories.

Richard Nixon was a jowly, sloped-nose poker player from humble means. He was the first former Vice President to become President who did not succeed the President under whom he served. He was the first President to visit China while in office.

As the result of one of the worst political scandals in U.S. history (Watergate), he became the first and only President to resign.

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