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Tina Mion: The Inside Scoop [continued]

He had purchased La Posada, the last great Fred Harvey hotel and architect Mary Colter’s masterpiece: an 80,000-square-foot Spanish hacienda in the small desert town of Winslow, Arizona. La Posada had closed in 1957, so we had a lot of work to do, but there were lots of LARGE blank walls and Tina sensed an opportunity. Today, La Posada is restored and one of Arizona’s most famous sites. The hotel / museum has visitors from all over the world. It has been Tina’s home and studio since 1997, and the hotel walls are full of Tina’s paintings. At La Posada, she completed Ladies First, a large series of Object paintings and pastels, and the great 18-foot triptychs: Red, White and Blue, and A New Year’s Party in Purgatory for Suicides.

We recently found another huge abandoned building, this time in the California desert town of Needles on the Colorado River, so studio number three is in the works. I tell Tina it has lots of large walls. She doesn’t seem to need much else. Studio number two is on a mountain top and Tina won’t tell anyone where it is. Back to first bio page...