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Tina Mion | La Posada
303 E 2nd Street, Winslow, AZ, 86047
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Tina Mion: The Inside Scoop

By Allan Affeldt

Tina was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up all over the east coast. Her first art award (a fire hat) was for a Smokey the Bear fire-prevention poster in the fourth grade. Tina is an art school drop-out and largely self-taught. When she decided art school wasn’t for her, she headed toward New York, assuming she might attend the Art Student’s League. She wound up moving to Sri Lanka instead, tugging along 90 pounds of paint and canvas. She left for India months later by boat, carrying a roll of toilet paper and a sketch book. From India she moved to an unheated barn in the Maine woods, and from there to an island in Casco Bay where she slept on the floor and used a card table as an easel while struggling to start “Tina and Taylor” — a fashion business. Read more...